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Help us raise £1,000

We are excited to have been invited by the well-known insurance company Aviva to help pilot their reinvigorated community fundraising initiative.

With your help, we want to use Aviva’s new fundraising website to raise £1,000 towards the purchase of an additional bus so we can expand our Hospital to Home service.

Hospital to Home is for people who are taken to the Royal Surrey’s A&E department, are later well enough to be discharged but do not have transport home.

This situation sometimes means that the Royal Surrey has no choice but to keep patients in overnight, despite the fact that they do not need any medical care. This is far from ideal for patients and costs the NHS at least £400 per night.

We would like to help free up more beds and save the NHS even more money by extending the Hospital to Home service to other departments at the Royal Surrey.

If you would like to help us raise our first thousand towards a new bus, please DONATE NOW.