hoppa Bus Appeal

Making sure our buses continue to be reliable and comfortable for passengers is very important to us and is a priority that is shared by Farnham Town Council.  As a show of their support for the service and Farnham residents, the Town Council has awarded us a second grant worth an initial £5,000, which is to be put towards the cost of a replacement hoppa bus.  They have also promised up to a further £5,000 to match other funding that we are able to secure from other Farnham organisations.  It costs over £30,000 to buy a new bus for Farnham’s hoppa passengers.

On behalf of the staff, the trustees and the residents of Farnham
a BIG THANK YOU for all your support

Donations and pledges received:

    • Farnham Town Council: £10,000 – paid
    • Waverley Borough Council: £5,000 – paid
    • Councillor Pat Frost & Mayor of Farnham: £3,566 – paid
    • Farnham Institute Charity: £2,500 – paid
    • The Hedgehogs: £2,000 – paid
    • Lions Club of Farnham: £2,800 – paid
    • hoppa passengers: £1,050 – paid
    • BBS Ltd (Bob & Pat Frost): – £2,000 paid
    • The Bourne Show: £1,000 – paid
    • digi.me Limited: £1,000 – paid