hoppa Bus Appeal

Making sure our buses continue to be reliable and comfortable for passengers is very important to us and is a priority that is shared by Farnham Town Council.  As a show of their support for the service and Farnham residents, the Town Council has awarded us a second grant worth an initial £5,000, which is to be put towards the cost of a replacement hoppa bus.  They have also promised up to a further £5,000 to match other funding that we are able to secure from other Farnham organisations.  It will cost over £30,000 to buy a new bus for Farnham’s hoppa passengers, if you know of any businesses or organisations or even individuals that might be able to donate some money so as to release the town council’s additional contribution please do let us know.

If you would like to make a contribution please contact Steve Forward on 01428 681701 or alternatively send us a cheque made payable to ‘Waverley hoppa Community Transport’.

Donations and pledges already received:

    • Farnham Town Council: £5,000 – paid
    • Farnham Town Council: £5,000 – paid
    • Waverley Borough Council: £5,000 – paid
    • Councillor Pat Frost & Mayor of Farnham: £3,566 – pledged
    • Farnham Institute Charity: £2,500 – pledged
    • The Hedgehogs: £2,000 – pledged
    • Lions Club of Farnham: £2,800 – paid
    • hoppa passengers: £1,050 – paid
    • BBS Ltd (Bob & Pat Frost): – £2,000 pledged
    • The Bourne Show: £1,000 – paid
    • digi.me Limited: £1,000 – paid

On behalf of the staff, the trustees and the residents of Farnham
a BIG THANK YOU for all your support