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Coronavirus (COVID-19)- update on our services

We are delighted to have reinstated our dial a ride services and look forward to welcoming you back. Whilst we’ve introduced a few new measures to keep you safe, much of the service will be very familiar to you. Here’s what to expect:

What’s new

  • Only five people will be able to travel at any one time so that a safe social distance can be maintained.
  • Mask/face coverings are mandatory for all. If you have a hidden disability that prevents you from wearing a mask, please let us know when you book your ride.
  • Drivers and passenger assistants will wear masks and when required visors, aprons and gloves. They will wear their identification badge on a lanyard around their neck.
  • We have agreed with the major supermarkets that passengers can be dropped off at the front door and will not need to queue to enter the store.

What has stayed the same 

  • The booking process – call us as normal on 01428 681701 to book your ride in advance.
  • Drivers will continue to meet and greet you at your door.
  • Drivers will help you with your bags and carry your shopping if required.
  • Even though you will not be able to see your driver’s full face, they are still the same friendly familiar members of staff who are more than willing to help you.
  • You can still use the dial a ride service to take you to the shops, social occasions, medical appointments etc.

If you would like to book a ride or you have a question about using the service, please do contact us.