Waverley Borough Council

Hoppa was conceived via an initiative supported by Waverley Borough Council and others in 2000, which became fully operational in May 2002. Waverley has continued to support Hoppa’s Dial-a-Ride and Demand Responsive Transport services through annual grant assistance since then and our partnership working arrangements were formalised in 2012 via a Service Level Agreement. The continuation of the Service Level Agreement gives us the confidence to plan for the future.

Although Hoppa is an independent organisation we do enjoy a high degree of Officer and Councillor support through Waverley, which helps facilitate a wider range of door-to-door transport services for the residents of Waverley. This in turn helps Waverley achieve its objectives to enable people to stay independent and reduce social isolation.

Surrey County Council

Together with Waverley Borough Council and others, Surrey County Council was instrumental in raising funds through The Countryside Agency and the Rural Bus Challenge to procure the vehicles, premises and infrastructure required to create Waverley Community Transport, later renamed Waverley Hoppa Community Transport and when charitable status was obtained.

Surrey County Council has continued to provide annual grant assistance since our creation in support of the Dial-a-Ride and Demand Responsive Transport services we provide in the Borough of Waverley, which assists Surrey County Council deliver its Well Being Agenda for Older People.

Godalming Town Council

Hoppa’s Hospital Hoppa service has been fortunate in being the recipient of an annual revenue grant for many years, which has greatly benefited the residents of Godalming Town who find it difficult to access local health facilities.

Haslemere Town Council

Virtually since it’s conception, Hoppa has enjoyed the support of Haslemere Town Council. This has been by way of an annual revenue grant in support of all the community transport services Hoppa provides, to the benefit of all those who live in the town.

Farnham Town Council

Hoppa delivers more passenger trips for Farnham residents than any other area in Waverley. We have enjoyed partnership working with Farnham Town Council over many years and we currently provide Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) services in and around the Farnham area which is financially supported by Farnham Town Council.


In 2019, a grant worth nearly £26,000 was awarded to hoppa in recognition of the contribution it makes towards improving the quality of life for people in rural Surrey. hoppa applied for the LEADER grant to help fund the purchase of a new bus. LEADER is a grant programme from the Rural Development Programme for England which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. The new bus is being used for our new Hospital to Home service. The LEADER grant covered 76% of the cost of the new vehicle and we funded the remaining balance of 24%.


Support from our regular customers and supporters by way of donations is greatly appreciated and helps support our Dial-a-Ride and Demand Responsive Transport services.  Many Parishes within Waverley also make annual donations in appreciation for the services we provide in their area.