Community transport is a lifeline, according to customers in user satisfaction survey

“A lifeline” and “a wonderful service” are just two of the ways customers of hoppa, the community transport service operating across Waverley, described it in a recent survey. Overall, 100% of users rated it as good or excellent for reliability and 98% would recommend hoppa to friends and family. As many of hoppa’s customers are elderly, have restricted mobility or are rurally isolated, they rely on the fleet of minibuses to enable them to live independently and get about safely.

Steve Forward, general manager of hoppa, says: “We are absolutely bowled over to read the results of our customer satisfaction survey which are incredibly positive and full of comments that give us great insight into why hoppa is so important to our passengers.

“Such positive feedback endorses our approach of providing flexible, affordable transport with an emphasis on personal service, safety and passenger comfort. Going the extra mile comes as standard at hoppa and our customers clearly value that: they have told us that hoppa gives them freedom, that they couldn’t manage without us and that, for some, we are the only transport provider that meets their particular needs.”

The survey reveals that people turn to hoppa as their mobility declines, they give up driving or because disability prevents them from using other transport such as taxis or public buses. As well as shopping trips and medical appointments, customers use hoppa to take them to social activities and work. Hoppa enables its customers to keep using their local shops, enjoy where they live and provides an opportunity for social interaction.

In a relatively rural area such as Waverley, loneliness and access to local services are everyday concerns for many people, particularly those living alone or who are older or disabled.

Steve Forward explains: “Many of our passengers live alone and are getting on in years but after active lives with careers and families, they value their independence and social contact. Passengers tell us that using hoppa enables them to do the things that many of us take for granted – popping to the barbers or meeting a friend for coffee – conveniently and with peace of mind. Our staff are friendly and caring so hoppa helps relieve transport anxiety which is known to stop some, mostly older, people from going out. Half of our customers travel with us once a week or more and report our reliability as particularly important to them. When customers tell us that a trip to the shops or the garden centre makes their day, it’s clear why hoppa is so important.”

Hoppa operates across the whole of Waverley, connecting residents to their local towns and key services such as GP surgeries and hospitals. Although many users are older people, the service is open to all following registration to become a member. Hoppa’s clear fares and booking system helps passengers plan ahead. Most of its buses are fully wheelchair accessible and are fitted with ramps. Full details, including how to register, are on its website,

The service receives just a fifth of its income from grants, with the remainder generated through fares, contracts and donations.

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For more information about hoppa, please contact:

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