Grant helps hoppa plan its route

Local charity and community transport provider hoppa, has thanked The Farnham Institute Charity for a grant of £2,000 towards its latest project. Hoppa says the project, to install a vehicle navigation system in its fleet of buses and minibuses – is essential for safeguarding the level of service it provides to its customers and improving its environmental sustainability.

Hoppa still needs over £6,000 before the project can go ahead.

“Drivers know how helpful reliable satnav is for planning their journeys and reaching their destinations efficiently. A vehicle navigation system suitable for our wheelchair accessible buses driving to multiple destinations will help us cut costs by reducing our journey times – this is good for our customers, the environment and other road users,” explains Steve Forward, general manager of hoppa.

He continues: “It’s essential we invest in technology like this to be financially efficient but that in itself takes money and as a charity, this is increasingly challenging. I’m very grateful to The Farnham Institute Charity for this generous donation which gives us a good start in reaching our target.”

David Leggett, a trustee of The Farnham Institute Charity, explains why it chose to support hoppa with a grant: “Hoppa is an excellent charity that helps keep local people independent and involved in the Farnham community. Without hoppa, many people – particularly elderly residents and people with disabilities – would be unable to get to medical appointments or carry out activities that some of us take for granted, such as going to the shops or seeing friends. The hoppa bus picks people up from their home and what’s even better is that after 9.30am, the Farnham service is completely free for those who have a valid bus pass.”

Hoppa has given its vehicle navigation project top priority because it has identified that the technology could reduce journey times and as a result, fuel bills, maintenance bills and insurance premiums. With a fleet of 25 vehicles that need to be replaced on a rolling basis every four to six years, hoppa expects savings to be significant and predicts the project will pay for itself within three years.

To find out more about the project or make a donation, visit or call 01428 681701.

Hoppa’s services cover Farnham, its surrounding villages and neighbouring towns across the borough of Waverley – one of the most rural parts of Surrey where access to a car is almost essential. For residents who cannot afford to run a car or who can no longer drive, isolation is a real risk. Unlike many commercial taxi services, most hoppa vehicles are fully wheelchair accessible, and its drivers are specially trained and supported by passenger assistants. Hoppa runs a bookable door to door service as well as several scheduled bus services, all with an emphasis on affordability, comfort and safety for its customers. 

Caption (left to right): Steve Forward from hoppa with Emily Joyce and David Leggett who are trustees from The Farnham Institute Charity.