Change of leadership marks new era for hoppa

2022 marks the beginning of a new journey for Waverley hoppa Community Transport with general manager Steve Forward handing over the keys for the driving seat to his successor Richard Davies.

Steve Forward joined hoppa in 2005 when the fleet consisted of eight buses and when passenger journeys totalled around 46,000 per year. Today, there are 25 buses and hoppa will soon carry its one millionth passenger  read more

Mayor joins passengers for a hoppa ride along

The Mayor of Farnham Councillor Alan Earwaker has received an insight into why so many people describe the Waverley hoppa Community Transport service as a ‘lifeline’.

The Mayor accompanied driver Steve Dudley as he picked up passengers from Brightwells Gostrey Centre and dropped them off at their homes   read more

Community transport is a lifeline, according to customers in user satisfaction survey

“A lifeline” and “a wonderful service” are just two of the ways customers of hoppa, the community transport service operating across Waverley, described it in a recent survey. Overall, 100% of users rated it as good or excellent for reliability and 98% would recommend hoppa to friends and family  read more

Grant funds independence for older people

A service which helps older people maintain their independence has received a grant for essential supplies of PPE.

During the latest lockdown, hoppa is continuing to operate its services as normal . . . . . . read more

Waitrose donation to hoppa helps fund PPE to keep buses on the road

Hoppa, the local community transport provider and charity, has received a much-needed cash donation of £333 from Waitrose Farnham. The donation will help hoppa fund its personal protective equipment . . . . . . read more

Hoppa receives European funding for new bus

A new hoppa patient transport bus has gone into service thanks to LEADER funding of nearly £28,000 from the Rural Development Programme for England. . . . . . . read more

Hoppa helps passengers rediscover road to independence

Waverley hoppa Community Transport has recently resumed some of its dial a ride service and estimates that it will need 20,000 pairs of gloves, 20,000 face masks, 5,000 aprons and 1,500 bottles of hand sanitiser to maintain a safe and responsible service over the next year . . . . . . read more

Grant helps fund PPE

A £1,000 grant from The Farnham Institute Charity has helped hoppa Waverley Community Transport move a step closer towards resuming its door to door transport service. The grant is being put towards the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE) so that drivers and passengers can travel safely when the service reopens . . . . . . read more

Hoppa buses get greener with new satnav technology

Community bus service, hoppa, is on the road to reducing its carbon emissions by installing specialist satellite navigation equipment into 21 of its minibuses. A registered charity, hoppa has so far raised over £7,000 to fund the project which will see vehicles routed more efficiently to pick up and drop off passengers . . . . . . read more

Royal Surrey renews commitment to hoppa

The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has made a donation of £15,000 towards a dedicated community transport service that takes Godalming and Haslemere residents to and from their hospital appointments . . . . . . read more

£5,000 cash boost keeps hospital bus service on the road

A cash boost of £5,000 is helping hoppa to keep its hospital transport service on the road in Godalming. Godalming Town Council awarded hoppa the grant to support the service which many of its users describe as a lifeline and vital to their quality of life . . . . . . read more

Charity gets creative in driving forward fundraising activities

Community transport provider, hoppa, is looking to ever more creative income generating and fundraising initiatives to keep its buses on the road and future-proof the service it provides to its thousands of users across the borough of Waverley . . . . . . read more

Hop on your bike for hoppa

Hoppa is appealing for keen cyclists to hop on their bikes to support their satellite navigation (sat nav) project.  Suzy Naughalty, hoppa Trustee has signed up to take part in the Liphook Bike Ride on Sunday 9 June and would like some team mates to support her over the 25-mile course which starts and ends in Liphook . . . . . . read more

Shoppers’ votes help hoppa’s bid to go greener

Community bus provider, hoppa, has thanked Waitrose customers and the supermarket for a cheque for £300. The charity says the gift will go towards its new satnav project which will improve its vehicles’ efficiency . . . . . . read more

Grant helps hoppa plan its route

Local charity and community transport provider hoppa, has thanked The Farnham Institute Charity for a grant of £2,000 towards its latest project. Hoppa says the project, to install a vehicle navigation system in its fleet of buses and minibuses – is essential for safeguarding the level of service it provides to its customers and improving its environmental sustainability . . . . . . read more

Community transport options for Chiddingfold patients after surgery is burnt down

A helping hand is available to patients of Chiddingfold Surgery who are having to travel to Milford to see a GP or nurse after the surgery burnt down last month  . . . . . . read more

Royal Surrey County Hospital supports hoppa with £15k grant

The Godalming and Haslemere Hospital hoppa service, has received a grant of £15,000 from the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford. The hospital has decided to continue its support of the service which it says is vital for helping the NHS serve its local community in South West Surrey . . . . . . read more

Mayor sees hoppa in action

The Mayor of Farnham, Councillor David Attfield has been out and about in Farnham to see the hoppa community bus in action . . . . . . . read more

Grant helps Haslemere residents get to hospital appointments

A vital service that takes patients direct from their home to their medical appointment at health facilities in Guildford, Godalming and Haslemere has received a cash boost . . . . . . . read more

Hoppa thanks Godalming Town Council

Godalming’s Hospital hoppa service has received a welcome cash boost of £5,000 from Godalming Town Council . . . . . . . read more

Waverley renews its commitment to hoppa

The future of Waverley hoppa Community Transport’s dial-a-ride has been made a little more certain thanks to Waverley Borough Council’s decision to renew its financial commitment to the service . . . . . . . read more

Godalming Mayor goes along for the ride!

Hoppa passengers were in for a surprise recently when they found themselves sharing their morning bus ride with the Mayor of Godalming, Councillor Anne Bott.  Godalming Town Council has been a long-standing supporter of the community transport service and over the past ten years, it has provided Hospital hoppa with an annual grant of £5,000. . . . . . . read more

Hoppa thanks its life-long supporters with replica model buses

Hoppa, the community transport service, has been marking its fifteenth anniversary by presenting replica models of its familiar and much-loved buses to supporters who have helped it to grow into a successful organisation. . . . . . read more

Rotary Club supports community bus

The Rotary Club of Farnham has donated £1,000 towards the town’s community bus which is operated by Waverley hoppa Community Transport. Since coming into service seven months ago, hundreds of passengers have travelled on the new bus, which picks up customers from their home and takes them to a pre-booked destination in Farnham  . . . . . read more

Lottery boost for Godalming Hoppa from GOLO

Passengers who use the Hospital Hoppa service are the latest people to benefit from a grant from GOLO, the Godalming Lottery. GOLO has awarded Hospital hoppa, the community bus service which provides low cost, accessible transport to and from health facilities in Guildford, Haslemere and Godalming, a grant of £500  . . . . . read more

Community bus operator hoppa celebrates 15 years of helping the community

Community transport operator, hoppa, which covers Farnham, Godalming, Cranleigh, Haslemere and surrounding villages, celebrates its fifteenth birthday this year. The anniversary coincides with the friendly, local bus company providing its 750,000th passenger journey  . . . . . read more

£3,000 boost to Waverley hoppa from community transport charity, Care in Haslemere

A volunteer run community transport charity from Haslemere has generously committed to give a total of £3,000 to the popular bus service, Waverley hoppa . . . . . read more

Happy customer helps Hoppa get £1,000 donation

Hoppa, the community bus service, has been awarded a donation of £1,000 from Downing Street Charity Shop in Farnham, thanks to the goodwill of one of its passengers . . . . . read more

Bourne Show donation to Farnham hoppa benefits local community

Farnham’s new community bus has received a donation of £1,000 from the Bourne Show, the traditional village summer show which raises money for local good causes. This summer’s Bourne Show takes place on Saturday 15 July, 12.30 to 5pm on the Bourne Green, Lower Bourne. The new bus will be making an appearance and members of the hoppa team will be on hand to inform people about how they can use the service . . . . . read more

£5K cash boost for hoppa bus service

A cash boost of £5,000 from Haslemere Town Council is helping Hoppa to continue to offer its vital community transport service in the town. The money will benefit Hoppa’s Haslemere customers, many of whom rely on the service to take them shopping and to access other vital, local services . . . . . read more

New Hoppa bus arrives in Farnham, thanks to generous local sponsors

Hoppa’s new community bus has arrived on schedule and gone straight into service thanks to generous donations and sponsorship from local businesses, organisations and individuals . . . . . read more

Hoppa’s final giant leap makes new bus a reality

The much-loved community bus company, hoppa, has reached its fundraising target enabling it to buy a new bus, thanks to the generous support of high tech company,   . . . . . read more

Haslemere’s Hospital hoppa receives an injection of cash

The future of a vital hospital transport service has been made a little more certain thanks to a £15,000 cash injection from Royal Surrey County Hospital. The announcement was made by Royal Surrey County Hospital’s Chief Executive on 3 March before the MP for South West Surrey, Jeremy Hunt and Chairman of hoppa, Rob Stansbury  . . . . . read more

New hoppa bus route connects Milford and Godalming

Hoppa, the community transport service, has launched a new scheduled bus route between Milford and Godalming, providing an easy and convenient transport option for workers and students  . . . . . read more

Godalming Waitrose presents cheque to hoppa

Hoppa, the popular community transport service, has thanked Godalming Waitrose and the supermarket’s customers for a donation of £430 . . . . . read more

Lions donate £1,000 to Hospital hoppa service

Godalming’s Hospital hoppa service has received a £1,000 donation from the Godalming and Villages Lions Club . . . . . read more

Waitrose donates to community bus appeal

Waverley hoppa Community Transport has thanked Waitrose and its shoppers for choosing to support the Farnham hoppa bus appeal with a cheque for £400 . . . . . read more

Results of customer satisfaction survey 2016

We asked 560 people who regularly use hoppa to give us their views about the service. In total, 277 people responded . . . . . read more

Customer satisfaction survey 2016

The detailed results of the feedback published in the autumn 2016 edition of hoppa news . . . . . read more

Boost for Hoppa bus fund from Farnham business BBS Ltd

Hoppa’s fundraising appeal to buy a new bus for Farnham has received a £2,000 boost from Bob and Pat Frost who own the local business BBS Ltd  . . . . . read more

Jeremy Hunt, MP boards hoppa service

Hoppa community transport passengers were greeted by a special guest as they arrived in Godalming for a morning’s shopping recently. The MP for South West Surrey, Jeremy Hunt boarded the hoppa bus and met four passengers who regularly use the dial-a-ride service . . . . . read more

Top marks from customers for hoppa

Hoppa, Waverley’s community bus service, is celebrating an overwhelming ‘thumbs up’ from its passengers following a recent customer survey.

An astounding 100% of respondents to hoppa’s survey said they would recommend the bus service, which serves customers in Godalming, Haslemere, Cranleigh and Farnham, to friends and family. Over 90% and in some cases virtually 100% of customers consistently rated the quality of hoppa’s services as good or excellent. This included the politeness of staff and the reliability and promptness of the service . . . . . read more

A busman’s holiday

It was a busman’s holiday for Councillor David Hunter, Mayor of Godalming, when he recently visited the offices of Waverley Hoppa Community Transport.

For many years, Councillor Hunter has worked in the transport industry, managing fleets of large earth-moving machinery. He was fascinated to see behind the scenes at Hoppa’s offices and to meet some of the drivers and office staff . . . . . read more

Meet hoppa’s new chairman

Waverley hoppa Community Transport has announced the appointment of Rob Stansbury as its new chairman.

Rob lives near Farnham and has a background in the financial services industry. He has taken over from Jim Cummings . . . . . read more

90 year-olds celebrate the Queen’s birthday

Waverley hoppa Community Transport has celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday with a party for ten of its customers who were also born in 1926.

hoppa buses chauffeured the party guests from their homes in and around Haslemere, Godalming,Cranleigh and Farnham to the borough council offices where they joined the Mayor of Waverley . . . . . . read more

Mayor hails hoppa!

Passengers travelling on Farnham’s hoppa bus recently found themselves sharing their journey with the Mayor of Farnham, Councillor Mrs Pat Frost.

Farnham Town Council is a key funder of the service, so hoppa was keen to invite the Mayor . . . . . . read more

Surprise passenger hitches a ride!

Passengers travelling on Godalming’s hoppa bus were recently surprised to find themselves sharing their journey with a special guest.

The Mayor of Waverley, Councillor Mike Band boarded hoppa . . . . . . read more

Happy 100th Birthday

Happy birthday to Ann Blunden who recently celebrated her 100th birthday. Ann is a regular passenger on our Cranleigh service so our Transport Supervisor, Mark Godfrey and driver Peter Lee popped into Rowleys Day Centre to present her with some flowers and to wish her a happy birthday . . . . . read more