£5,000 cash boost keeps hospital bus service on the road

A cash boost of £5,000 is helping hoppa to keep its hospital transport service on the road in Godalming. Godalming Town Council awarded hoppa the grant to support the service which many of its users describe as a lifeline and vital to their quality of life.

To find out more about the service, The Mayor of Godalming, Councillor Penny Rivers met Steve Forward, hoppa’s general manager at Farncombe Day Centre which is a popular destination for hoppa customers.

“Our hospital hoppa service is used by all ages and by people in all walks of life. This grant has far reaching benefits for the many, many Godalming residents who use our service to get to medical appointments at local health facilities or visit the Royal Surrey County Hospital,” says Steve Forward, hoppa’s general manager.

The hospital hoppa is available to all local residents. Customers need to book in advance, completing a brief registration form first if they have not used the service before.

hoppa bus hospital cash boost

The Mayor, Councillor Penny Rivers, says: “People who live in Godalming and in our surrounding villages greatly value being part of a community; getting out and about, living independently and interacting with other people. Hoppa enables its passengers to do those things. Without the hospital hoppa service, many people would find it difficult or prohibitively expensive to get to important health appointments, or would be forced to rely on favours. Godalming Town Council’s grant of £5,000 helps hoppa keep to its high standards of customer care and reliability and to keep fares affordable for passengers.”

All hoppa’s buses are wheelchair accessible and drivers are specially trained to support passengers with additional needs. Customers pay a fixed contribution towards the cost of the service through their fares but hoppa also relies on financial support from its fundraising activities and through grants such as this one from Godalming Town Council.

Hoppa also runs its dial-a-ride service, taking people to local shops, and offers a competitively priced group travel service.

The hospital hoppa is one of several scheduled and bookable services operated by the community transport charity. Bookable services such as the hospital hoppa are available on a first come, first served basis so early booking is advised.

Caption: Steve Forward from hoppa with the Mayor of Godalming, Councillor Penny Rivers.