A busman’s holiday for the Mayor of Godalming

It was a busman’s holiday for Councillor David Hunter, Mayor of Godalming, when he recently visited the offices of Waverley Hoppa Community Transport.

For many years, Councillor Hunter has worked in the transport industry, managing fleets of large earth-moving machinery. He was fascinated to see behind the scenes at Hoppa’s offices and to meet some of the drivers and office staff.

“Working in the transport industry, I feel very much at home with large vehicles like Hoppa’s buses. I really enjoyed finding out about the less public side of Hoppa and particularly liked chatting to the drivers about their vehicles and finding out about their jobs. I was very impressed and happy to hear that they feel so valued by Hoppa,” says Councillor Hunter.

“Of course, supporting the drivers is an excellent team who answer the phones and deal with bookings and enquiries. Many Hoppa passengers are on first name terms with the bookings team, which says a lot about the personal service they provide. It’s easy to see why the staff are so highly praised by their customers,” added the Mayor.

Godalming Town Council has been supporting Hoppa for over 10 years and has provided an annual grant of £5,000.Thefunding supports Hoppa’s Hospital Hoppa service, which benefits Godalming residents who find it difficult or sometimes impossible to attend medical appointments or to visit relativesin hospital due to there being no suitable or affordable alternatives.

Steve Forward, General Manager of Waverley Hoppa Community Transport said: “It was a pleasure to welcome the Mayor to our offices and to introduce him to some of the team. Our customers in Godalming keep us very busy indeed which is just how we like it. In terms of passenger numbers, Godalming is second only to Farnham. The funding we receive from Godalming Town Council is much appreciated and is vital for enabling us to maintain and deliver the quality of service we like to offer and that our passengers expect.”

Waverley Hoppa Community Transport provides door-to-door and scheduled services, all of which are wheelchair accessible, for residents of Waverley.

Mayor Godalming