Happy customer helps hoppa get £1,000 donation

Hoppa, the community bus service, has been awarded a donation of £1,000 from Downing Street Charity Shop in Farnham, thanks to the goodwill of one of its passengers.

Joan Saw is a volunteer with Downing Street Charity Shop, which is based in Farnham and raises money for local good causes. She started using hoppa after having a fall and nominated it for a donation from the charity shop.

“Our customers often tell us how much they value hoppa; this is a wonderful endorsement of the service we offer. I’d like to thank the Downing Street Charity Shop for its donation. These donations are so important in helping us to offer our much-loved service,” says Steve Forward, General Manager at hoppa. “Please consider helping the shop carry on its great work by donating your unwanted clothes and other items or consider volunteering for them.”

Joan, who has been volunteering at Downing Street for 25 years, says one of the extra benefits of using hoppa in Farnham is that, if you qualify for a bus pass, it is free to use.

“As a long-standing volunteer at Downing Street, I find it really important to keep active and independent, explains Joan. “I’ve been using hoppa twice a week since recovering from my fall. It helps me live my life how I want rather than relying on other people’s goodwill. I’m so pleased my nomination was successful.”

Since Downing Street Charity Shop was set up by Lady Tindle in 1988, it has been raising money from selling donated goods. The team of volunteers who run the shop meet once a year to decide which charities they will support. Each time £1,000 is raised from sales, the money is donated to one of the good causes.

Downing Street Charity Shop is able to continue to raise money thanks to the many donations of clothes and household items it receives from local residents and shoppers. It relies on volunteers to run the shop and organise how its funds are distributed. The shop is open from 10am to 4pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. It accepts most household items except electrical goods and is keen to recruit new volunteers to keep the shop going. Simply visit the shop during opening hours to find out how to volunteer or drop off your donated items.

Volunteer, Joan Saw; Steve Forward (hoppa) and Susan Ashworth who is also a volunteer with Downing Street Charity Shop (left to right).