MAYOR JOINS PASSENGERS FOR A HOPPA RIDE ALONG – The Mayor of Farnham, Councillor Alan Earwaker recently joined us for a ride along and received first-hand experience as to why so many people describe the service as a ‘lifeline’. The Mayor accompanied driver Steve Dudley as he picked up passengers from Brightwells Gostrey Centre and dropped them off at their homes. You can download a copy of our Winter 2021 Newsletter here

GOLF CAPTAIN FUNDRAISES FOR NEW ELECTRIC BUS – As public purse strings have tightened, we have seen the grants we receive from local government reduce substantially. Over the years we have adapted the way we run hoppa so that we now generate 80% of our income from fares and contract work and the remaining 20% from grants. You can download a copy of our Autumn 2021 Newsletter here

UPDATE ON SERVICE – if it has been a while since you last used hoppa, you’ll notice that while it is mostly “business as usual”, we have made one or two changes to keep you safe. Here’s what to expect when you ride with us. You can download a copy of our Spring 2021 Newsletter here

HOSPITAL HOPPA TURNS 15 – This year, the Hospital Hoppa service turned 15 and while our celebrations had to be somewhat low key, we thought we’d take a look at how the service has evolved and come to be relied upon by those who use it. You can download a copy of our Winter 2020 Newsletter  here

DIAL A RIDE IS BACK! – We are delighted to have reinstated some of our dial a ride services and look forward to welcoming you back. You can currently use dial a ride if you live in the Farnham, Haslemere or Godalming areas. The dial a ride service in Cranleigh will resume once Rowley’s Day Centre reopens as this is a major source of demand for the service. You can download a copy of our Autumn 2020 Newsletter here

DEAR CUSTOMER – As you are probably aware, on Tuesday 24 March, after the Prime Minister’s lockdown address the night before, we suspended all transport services. Apart from two non-emergency patient transport services and several home to school transport services for children of key workers, all our other services remain suspended. You can download a copy of our Summer 2020 Newsletter here

HOSPITAL TO HOME WITH HOPPA  – Our new hospital to home transport service is working well and is freeing up beds and saving the NHS money. You can download a copy of our Winter 2019 Newsletter here

ROYAL SURREY RENEWS COMMITMENT TO HOPPA  – Hospital hoppa plays a vital role in getting patients to their appointments at the Royal Surrey County Hospital so they can receive planned treatment and attend scheduled check-ups. You can download a copy of our Summer 2019 Newsletter here

NEW SERVICE IN PARTNERSHIP WITH RSCH  – Thanks to an introduction from Waverley Borough Council, we were approached late last year by the Guildford & Waverley Commissioning Group to see if we could pilot a new patient transport service for the RSCH in Guildford. You can download a copy of our Spring 2019 Newsletter here

NEW FRIDAY SERVICE FOR CRANLEIGH  – The Cranleigh dial-a-ride service now runs from Monday to Friday after we added an extra day to meet demand. The additional day means you can now book to travel on a Friday. You can download a copy of our Winter 2018 Newsletter here

YOUR GUIDE TO HOSPITAL HOPPA  – Each year, hundreds of people use the Hospital hoppa service to get them to their medical appointment safely and on time. The service is reliable and provides passengers with peace of mindYou can download a copy of our Summer/Autumn 2018 Newsletter here

THANK YOU TO OUR SUPPORTERS  Over the past few months we have been marking our fifteenth anniversary year by presenting replica souvenir models of our familiar and much loved buses to supporters who have helped us grow into a successful organisation.  You can download a copy of our Spring 2018 Newsletter here

ROTARY CLUB SUPPORTS COMMUNITY BUS  The Rotary Club of Farnham has donated £1,000 to the community bus which we operate in Farnham.  You can download a copy of our Winter 2017 Newsletter here

NEW FARNHAM BUS IS A HIT WITH CUSTOMERS  Customers have wasted no time in making use of the new Farnham Community Hoppa which came into service in April following a fundraising campaign to buy the new bus.  You can download a copy of our Summer 2017 Newsletter here

HOSPITAL HOPPA RECEIVES AN INJECTION OF CASH  The future of a vital hospital transport service has been made a lot more certain thanks to a £15,000 cash injection from Royal Surrey County Hospital.   You can download a copy of our Spring 2017 Newsletter here

NEW BUS APPEAL – Earlier this year an appeal was launched to raise money to buy a new bus for our popular Farnham route. You can download a copy of our Autumn 2016 Newsletter here

NEW CHAIRMAN JOINS HOPPA – We are delighted to welcome a new chairman into the driving seat of hoppa. Rob Stansbury lives near Farnham and has a background in the financial services industry. You can download a copy of our Summer 2016 Newsletter here

HOP ON HOPPA FOR FREE! – On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in March, we are offering free travel on the Godalming hoppa service. You can download a copy of our Spring 2016 Newsletter here