Results of our customer satisfaction survey

We asked 560 people who regularly use hoppa to give us their views about the service. In total, 277 people responded and this is a summary of what they said:


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Your questions about hoppa

In our 2016 customer satisfaction survey, a number of people asked similar questions and so we have put together this guide to answer some of your queries.


Can I use the service to travel before 9am and after 3pm?

In most circumstances, travel before 9am and after 3pm is not possible because the hoppa buses are used to transport children with special educational needs to and from school. This work helps to subsidise the core dial a ride service and without it, we would have to reduce the level of service we provide.


Are there any plans to offer an evening or weekend service?

We do occasionally provide evening and weekend services when asked but it is doubtful that we could offer this as a regular service because we would need to find a way to fund it.


It is sometimes difficult to travel at the time I want because you are fully booked. Can you add an extra bus to the busier routes?

On routes where there is enough demand, we will do our best to put on additional services. Our biggest challenge is finding a way to pay for it as dial-a-ride is loss-making and therefore heavily subsidised. In Farnham, we added an extra bus and were delighted when Farnham Town Council agreed to provide the additional funding.


Why isn’t hoppa able to take people to appointments at Frimley Park Hospital?

We can take people to Frimley Park Hospital on our Ranger service. Please contact us if you would like to know more about this service.


Why did the Coxbridge Flyer service stop?

The money to fund this service came from a developer’s contribution. It was a finite sum and as much as we would have liked to see the service continue, without financial support it was not viable.


I live in Haslemere but would quite like to be able to travel to Farnham or Godalming. Why can’t I do this?

You can do this! Our Ranger service runs on a Tuesday and Wednesday and can be booked to take you wherever you want. The fare costs £1.25 per mile (minimum single fare is £6). If you can get together a group of friends, you can share the cost which works out to be a very cost effective way to travel. Bookings for the Ranger service are made on a first come, first served basis.


I would like to be able to travel to towns outside Waverley, is this possible?

Yes, our Ranger service can take you wherever you want to go.



Four friends want to travel from Haslemere to Guildford to do some Christmas shopping. They book the Ranger service to pick them up from their individual homes and drop them off outside the shops in Guildford. The journey is 18-miles each way so the total cost is £22.50, which works out at £5.63 per person or £11.25 return for a door to door service.


Could I book to visit places other than my main shopping town such as the garden centre or a local village tearoom?  

Yes, if you want to visit somewhere that is within the geographical area where you live, you can book the dial-a-ride service. For example, if you live in Godalming and want to visit Secretts Garden Centre we can take you there for a fare of £2.50 each way. If you live in Farnham and want to visit somewhere like Frensham Garden Centre we can take you on the dial-a-ride service. If you live in Farnham and have a bus pass, travel after 9.30am will not cost you anything.


Sometimes I am the only passenger on the bus, wouldn’t it be more economical for you to run smaller buses?

No two days are the same at hoppa. Although you may sometimes find you are the only passenger on the bus, on the same journey a week later, you could find yourself sharing with a group of five passengers plus a wheelchair user. The buses we use give us the versatility to manage demand and our passengers’ needs.


Why are some of the buses easier to get on and off than others?

We have buses from a range of manufacturers and appreciate that some are more comfortable than others. Some buses have fold-out steps, some have hydraulic tail lifts and others have ramps – if you find the step arrangement difficult then please speak to the driver and he or she will happily let you get on and off the bus via the tail lift or ramp.