Hospital To Home With Hoppa: Patient Transport

What does it mean to be alive?

The field of Biology, the study of life, has produced a list of characteristics which is true for all forms of life: an object is considered alive if it does all of the things on the list. This includes things like growth, obtaining food, reproduction, respiration and one that hoppa enables, movement. If something can move, it has independence, freedom and autonomy, a degree of control.

Community transportation allows people just that: to move, to be alive and vital, happy, and healthy. It provides access to services and affords a sense of purpose and independence.

Waverley Hoppa Community Transport

hoppa is a charity that provides community transportation services in a rural borough: our wheel-chair accessible minibuses and supportive, friendly drivers & passenger assistants allow for the movement that people need to feel vital and to remain healthy.

Our passengers say:

  • “I spend a lot of time on my own but hoppa means I can get out.”
  • “We know most of the drivers and they are really good. They will help to carry my shopping to my front door – this is a big help.”
  • “I need transport to my hospital appointments when my family is working.”
  • “We are OAP’s and it’s over a mile to the bus stop.”
  • “I have no other means of doing the weekly shop.”
  • “It helps me to live independently. I am 102 years old!”
  • “I have a rare muscle destroying disease and so cannot use public transport or the majority of cars. hoppa is a godsend.”
  • “It stops me worrying. I’d be lost without hoppa.”

Who does hoppa help?

hoppa’s transport services assist many different people and groups. It supports the older generation: transportation is one of the keys to their well-being.
It also supports younger people with special needs and their families, provides employment in a rural area, increases footfall in the towns which helps to sustain local businesses, and supports the environment by reducing the number of cars on the road.

It also helps the NHS by delivering people to clinics and hospitals thereby reducing the number of missed appointments. This particular campaign will assist the NHS in another way: we aim to purchase a new accessible minibus to help people go home from hospital when they have no other transportation, say, for example, when they have arrived alone by ambulance. This helps people to return to the comfort of their own homes after they’ve been cared for, without unnecessary waiting time.

A new bus will expand the hospital-to-home service that we’ve started as a pilot this year and that has proved to be extremely popular with patients and with the hospital.

All living things move from one place to another

hoppa’s transport gives you the power to go wherever you wish
. . . even back home!

Thank you for considering a donation to Waverley Hoppa Community Transport. Your generosity will help so many people.

Let’s make ‘Hospital To Home With Hoppa: Patient Transport’ happen

hoppa aims to expand transport services that help to take patients home from hospital in an accessible minibus after they’ve been cared for.