Shoppers’ votes help hoppa’s bid to go greener

Community bus provider, hoppa, has thanked Waitrose customers and the supermarket for a cheque for £300. The charity says the gift will go towards its new satnav project which will improve its vehicles’ efficiency.

Hoppa was one of three local good causes chosen in the Waitrose Farnham Community Matters initiative. In the initiative, shoppers vote with green tokens, offered to them at the checkout, for their favourite local charity.

“Donations are really important to our income so I’d like to thank all those Waitrose shoppers who chose hoppa as their favourite good cause. Our latest ambitious project is to install a vehicle navigation system into our fleet of buses and minibuses, and that is where this money will go,” says Steve Forward, general manager of hoppa. “This project is essential to safeguarding the level of service we provide to our customers and to improving our environmental sustainability.”

Alice Butcher from Waitrose Farnham branch says: “It is such a pleasure to be able to donate £300 to support Waverley hoppa as many of our valued customers use this service. Through the green token scheme, three local charities are nominated each month and share £1,000 between them. The amount they receive is determined by customer votes.”

Hoppa has a fleet of 27 wheelchair accessible vehicles serving the towns and villages of Waverley. The charity says a satnav system will help improve journey times and vehicles’ efficiency. Hoppa requires a system that can navigate for buses and minibuses travelling to multiple destinations.

So far hoppa has raised £4,500 for the project and anticipates another £6,000 is needed before it can go ahead. The charity has projected that investing in satnav technology will pay for itself within three years.

Hoppa provides door-to-door and a number of scheduled bus services to residents in Farnham, Godalming, Cranleigh and Haslemere. Many of hoppa’s customers are no longer able to drive themselves or are disabled and say that hoppa helps them live independently. Hoppa transports its customers to health appointments, shopping and social events, keeping them involved in their local communities and living life to the full.

Caption: Alice Butcher from Waitrose hands a £300 cheque to Steve Forward from Hoppa.